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Types Of Product

Manufacturing Capabilities

Cutting : The Company has Quality, High-speed and sufficient cutting facilities for raw materials cutting as per applicable to provide basic raw materials flow of production.

Hot Upstroke Forging : We have an Upset Screw Type Forging Press Capacity of 350MT Complemented with heating furnace.
Heat Treatment : The Company boasts of a fully well equipped Heat treatment facilities for carrying out heat treatment activities like-Hardening, Tempering, Annealing Furnace etc.
Precision Machining : The company has a fully equipped Machine shop with a CNC Turning Centre, Roll threading Machines for outside threading , Nebson Machines also for outside threading, Centre less Grinder, Nut Taping for inside nut threading for all type of nuts, and Lath Machines Shop for finishing and as applicable machining of Products.
Surface Treatment : The Products can be supplied to clients in various finishes as per their requirements as like Natural finish, Blackbodies, Phosphatizing , Zink Plated, Chromium Plated, Hot dip galvanized and customized surface treated.

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